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Building bridges and connecting communities through arts

Here is a list of partners that Red Balloon Therapy has worked with both in the past and present. We are thankful for the support and opportunities given to promote mental wellness through arts and therapy in the community.

Click on the logos to learn more about how each organisation are contributing in their unique ways to the community and society at large. 

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Our beneficiaries really enjoyed the Craft session with Wan Ting. It is really precious to be able to make something from scratch and they enjoyed the blast to the past (recalling traditional trades). Kudos to Wan Ting for wanting to learn more about aphasia and means to support conversation with our beneficiaries who have communication difficulties!

– Evelyn, Aphasia SG

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We would like to specially thank the Art Therapist, Ms Loh Wan Ting, from Red Balloon Therapy, for her wonderful presentation.

Her presentation was indeed very insightful, inspiring and intriguing. The art experiential workshops had indeed given our service users the opportunity to try, learn, process and reflect on their personal artwork and express their feelings. I must say that all our service users had benefitted much from Wan Ting's valuable sharing and her encouragement. We really appreciate her time, effort and speaking in two languages for the workshops. 

- Joan, Care Corner

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From the use of audio/ visual resources, facilitator’s engagement and type of craft activity taught, our members had the opportunity to learn about Singapore’s traditional trades of the past. The workshop was well thought-out to cater to persons with different levels of disability and of different ages. We are also hearten to see our caregivers participating alongside their child, co-creating, bonding and sharing this experience together. DSA(S) is grateful for the opportunity to participate in this initiative and looks forward to future collaborations for our members!

– Amelia, Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)

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